Lavor Mississippi R Hot Water Pressure Washer 1310XP

£1,435.52 Ex Vat

Lavor Mississippi R Hot Water Pressure Washer 1310XP

Product Specification:
Model: Lavor Mississippi 1310 XP
Max. Pressure: 2175 PSI / 150 Bar
Rated Pressure: 1812 PSI / 125 BAR
Max. Water Temperature: 90°C
Max. Water Inlet Temperature: 40°C
Delivery Rate: 600 Litres / Hour
Power: 3000 W
Voltage: 230V ~50Hz
Weight: 55kg

Lavor Mississippi R Hot Water Pressure Washer 1310XP 

If you need hot water from an industrially powered machine this is just the ticket for you!

With over 45 years of experience from Lavorwash they have not compromised with their starting model in the Hot pressure washer professional range. With it’s heavy duty boiler like all in the range are very high with near 90% or higher thermal efficiency it will ensure you get easy away that dirt whilst keeping the diesel consumption down. Whilst its pump comes with a durable brass head and 3 Ceramic coated pistons, which is designed to allow for longer periods of use every day for the professional user.

Making this a great choice even for the non professional is its easy to use functions . Like its pump on and off switch and boiler on and off switch. Your able to adjust the water temperature with a rotary control for those jobs that don’t require to much heat. This sure to make your cleaning tasks a lot easier with hot water allowing dirt being eased away sometimes up to 50% on some kinds of dirt.

Equipped with;

Three ceramic coated pistons, brass axial pump head with built-in by-pass valve.
• Suction and delivery S. S. valves.
• Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency steel coil.
• Temperature regulation gauge.
• Diesel pump with by-pass valve.
• Detergent built-in tank for indirect suction (2,4 lt.)
• Pressure regulator.
• Glicerine pressure gauge.
• Power cable holder.
• Diesel tank capacity 7 lt.
• Ergonomic handle.

Accessories included:
1x 10m high pressure hose
1x High pressure trigger gun
1x Stainless steel lance
1x 030 Nozzle

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