Lavor LKX Hot Water Pressure Washer 1310LP

£1,994.17 Ex Vat

Lavor LKX 1310 LP

The LKX 1310 Lp is a single phase pressure washer professional built for the professional industry. Really popular with small and large business with vans and lorries to the Agricultural industry. Keeping there machinery and plant clean which helps keeping maintenance down and their investments going . Also great for washing down walls and sheds with ease at high temperature.

Powered with an induction Motor that only runs at 1450RPM giving it a longer life motor compared to many other brands and models that only run on 2800RPM. Which powers the robust Brass Linear pump head with built in by-pass valve which consists of  Three ceramic pistons. It has a maximum pressure of 150 bar /2175psi and a delivery flow rate of 660 l/h or 2.91GPM.

The LKX 1310 LP hot pressure washer is among the most compact in class taking around 94x65x90cm of space and weighing 112kg. With its none corrosive body which is robust and reliable. Boasting with a high thermal efficiency steel coil vertical diesel boiler, with an efficiency of near 90% or higher. Giving it a very low operational cost with reference to diesel fuel consumption. Fitted with a low fuel cut off and low fuel warning light giving you notice to refuel for your next task.

Standard Equipment

• 3.700.0030 Gun M22 – 3/8” with rotating coupling.
• 3.701.0015 Lance M22 high/low pres. (mod. 1310 LP)
• 3.103.0050 Nozzle type 045 (mod. 1310 LP)
• 3.103.0053 Nozzle type 060 (mod. 1515 LP)
• 3.103.0050 Nozzle type 045 (mod. 2015 LP)
• 4.618.0143 H. P. hose 10 m
• Power cable 5 m

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Equipped with:

• 4 poles electrical motor (1450 RPM) with thermal protection and water cooling (three phase models).
• Three ceramic coated pistons (1 ph), full ceramic pistons (3 ph), brass linear pump head with builtin by-pass valve.
• Low voltage and delayed Total Stop.
• Suction and delivery S. S. valves.
• Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency steel coil.
• Temperature regulation gauge with high sensitive stainless steel sensor.
• Detergent built-in tank (3 lt) for indirect suction. • Auxiliary motor for burner.
• Heavy duty steel frame.
• Hose reel with brake (optional).

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