LAVOR DYNAMIC 45B Li Floor Scrubber Dryer

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LAVOR DYNAMIC 45B Li Floor Scubber Drier

Ideal for cleaning of small and medium-sized floors, up to 1600 sq.m., especially if cluttered with people or furniture, such as: wellness centers, clinics and medical environments in general, gyms, shops, workshops, car showroom points General sales

LAVOR DYNAMIC 45B Li Floor Scrubber Dryer

A walk-behind compact floor scrubber dryer is a type of cleaning equipment that is designed for small to medium-sized floors, typically up to 1600 square meters. This type of floor scrubber dryer is particularly useful for cleaning areas that are congested by people or furniture, such as wellness centers, gyms, car showrooms, retail shops, hospitals, and schools.

The compact design of this floor scrubber dryer makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, allowing it to clean around furniture and other obstacles with ease. It is also equipped with a powerful scrubbing and suction system that effectively cleans and dries floors in a single pass, leaving them clean and dry.

This type of floor scrubber dryer is ideal for businesses and facilities that require frequent cleaning, as it can help to reduce cleaning time and improve overall cleaning efficiency. It is also an eco-friendly option, as it uses less water and cleaning solution than traditional cleaning methods.

Overall, a walk-behind compact floor scrubber dryer is a valuable investment for any business or facility that values cleanliness, efficiency, and sustainability.

System of Automatic quick brush coupling/unhooking and delayed shutdown
Adjustment of the detergent flow with automatic interruption of dispensing
Structure tapered, brush protruding on both sides and cover of the squeegee of 300°
Tank of Removable recovery without tools with large inspection opening and hose extendable exhaust
Grip adjustable and ergonomic, operator presence safety system, and controls soft-touch, (Eco-Energy mode and automatic bass safety system charge level on battery-powered models)
Wheels Large diameter non-marking and robust rear steering system for easy to move
Batteries at lithium and charger included (DYNAMIC 45B Li version)
• Ideal for small and medium floors up to 1600sqm, especially when congested
by people or furnishing like in wellness centres, gyms, car showroom, retail shops,
hospitals and schools.
• Li-ion battery 24V
• Automatic brush attachment, discharge and delayed cut-off.
• Adjustable solution release with automatic cut-off.
• Narrow body with both side brush protrusion and 300° squeegee spin.
• Tool less removable recovery tank with large visual inspection window and
stretchable discharge hose.
• Adjustable driving handle with dead man switches, soft touch controls and diagnosis
(Eco Energy mode and battery low level automatic cut-off for DC version).
• Large non marking working wheels and sturdy rear roller for displacements

Lavor Dynamic 45B Li

Weight77.5 kg
Dimensions117 × 58 × 78 cm
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