LAVOR COMFORT S-R 100 Scrubber Drier


LAVOR COMFORT S-R 100 Scrubber Drier

Ride On Floor Scrubber Dryer

Suitable for maintenance and deep cleaning of medium and large areas (up to 7.400 sqm)with a considerable reduction of cleaning costs.


  • Large load tank capacity, resulting in reduced number of stops. Quick refilling system
  • Antifoam device
  • High-performance batteries resulting in high-working efficiency.
  • Stability even when fully loaded. Up to more than 130 kg max of pressure on the brushes (S-R 100 Up)
  • Self-levelling brushes
  • Front independent wheel-drive with tight steering radius. Total wheel protection (S-R 100 Up)
  • Cleaning solution distribution by pump (S-R 100 Up)
  • Easy access to electrical components
  • Automatic brush plate and squeegee lifting system. Automatic squeegee lifting while reverse going
  • Automatic device that stops brushes and detergent water outflow when the machine is stationary
  • Frontal light (S-R 100 Up)

LAVOR COMFORT S-R 100 Scrubber Drier


LAVOR COMFORT S-R 100 Scrubber Drier



LAVOR COMFORT S-R 100 Scrubber Drier

Product code 8.575.1001

Work track (mm) 1000

Working width / squeegee (mm) 1000

Working capacity (m²/h) 6500

Solution tank capacity (l) 140

Recovery tank capacity (l) 150

Type of advancement Fronr wheeldrive

RPM / Brush pressure (RPM/Kg) 150/75

Depression / Vacuum motor absorbed power (mm H2O/W) 1734/550

Max. gradient empty / full tank 10%/8%

Product dimensions (cm) 180x103x150

Packaging dimensions (cm) 200x118x171

Weight (Kg) 300

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